Forbes journalist awarded in Astana

07 August, 2018, 09:57 350
Forbes journalist awarded in Astana

Kairat Abdrakhmanov underlined current growing interest of foreign media to our country.

A solemn awarding ceremony of the 5th annual International competition Kazakhstan through the Eyes of Foreign Media took place at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, according to correspondent.

 Every year, the authors take part in the contest, which most creatively, authentically and objectively cover various aspects of Kazakhstan's reality in their materials and place these materials in foreign media. The organization of the contest in previous years demonstrated the growing interest of foreign media to Kazakhstan, its culture, economy, and people, and also showed its effectiveness as an additional tool to stimulate such attention.

While congratulation Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Kairat Abdrakhmanov noted the mass media plays a key role in the promotion of initiatives and image of countries all over the world. Holding of the contest competition Kazakhstan through the Eyes of Foreign Media is a part of supporting creativity and journalist’s credibility. This year articles’ themes vary from Kazakhstani vision of the future world, foreign policy, the anti-nuclear movement to social-cultural spheres of the state.

Today there is a growing interest in the foreign mass media in reporting about Kazakhstan. In words of the Kazakh Foreign Minister articles published in 2018 were devoted to the cooperation of C Asian states. About 300 articles were media representations on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Astana, where a high number are articles by foreign journalists who arrived in Astana especially to get acknowledge with Kazakhstan’s development. In its turn, the foreign authority will contribute foreign media activity concerning reporting about Kazakhstan.  

Competition among authors from the CIS and Baltic countries was won by the editors of the National Information Agency of Uzbekistan (UzA). British journalist Gilly Pickup published an article One Steppe Beyond in the magazine  Country and Townhouse describing her trip to Kazakhstan became the winner among the European journalists. The article "The Seven Wonders of Kazakhstan" by American journalist Stephen Lipovtsev published on Forbes has become the best work among journalists from the countries of America. The winner from the countries of the Middle East and Africa was Ayman Abdelhafez al-Zaben from Jordan. From the countries of Asia, Australia and Oceania, the jury identified India's author, Indervir Singh, as the winner of the material entitled Astana: the capital has its own charms and pleasures, published in the journal Business Central Asia.

The main prize for participants is a trip to Kazakhstan in August this year, with a visit to Astana, Almaty and the Borovoye resort, as well as an extensive cultural program.

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