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Foreign experts recognized Kazakhstan’s gas sector as the best in the post-Soviet space

02 February, 16:00 560
Foreign experts recognized Kazakhstan’s gas sector as the best in the post-Soviet space

The Russian experts appraised the potential of gas transmission systems of the six states.

The Russian business publication Neftegaz.RU posted on its website an analytical article that provides a comparative analysis of the gas transmission systems of the countries of the former Soviet Union. Experts came to the opinion that the most successful dynamics of the gas industry development is observed in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As noted in the publication, large gas fields opened on the vast territory of the entire former Union.

The active construction of gas pipelines and associated technological infrastructure began. This led to the fact that hydrocarbon-rich republics began to overgrow the main gas pipelines (MGPs), and underground gas storage facilities (UGS), where the leading technologies and equipment were used at the time of construction. But after the collapse of the USSR, the former Soviet republics had to develop gas transportation systems (GTSs) independently.

At the same time, the article notes that not all countries manage to successfully operate in this sphere. There are many reasons for this - internal problems, lack of financing, too high competition in foreign markets, lack of export-oriented infrastructure.

Experts assessed the potential of gas transmission systems of such states as Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine and Moldova. Comparing GTSs, the specialists took into account the degree of deterioration of the gas pipelines, the modernization carried out and their own gas projects.

According to Russian analysts, stability and positive dynamics over a long period of time are observed only in Kazakhstan. It is in Kazakhstan that the gas industry has undergone a complete "upgrade" and the largest number of gas projects have been implemented, the fixed assets of the industry have been completely updated, all gas pipelines have been integrated into a single gas transportation system. State-owned company KazTransGas manages 55 thousand gas pipelines, of which 19 thousand km are main. And an increase in their length by 1/3 occurred in the last 5-6 years - which itself is already a great achievement. The GTS of the country is in excellent condition and is capable of passing up to 85 billion m3/year of gas, with the prospect of increasing pumping volumes to 120 billion m3/year and continues to develop dynamically. Owing to the construction of the main gas pipelines Beineu-Bozoy-Shymkent, Kazakhstan managed to solve 3 important tasks: to ensure stable gas supplies to the south, to create a unified system for gas transportation and to increase exports.

Thus, KazTransGas, according to experts, has become the most important and technologically most powerful operator of gas flows in Central Asia. Today, it is the fastest growing gas company in the CIS, says the article.

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