Foreign journalists visited Burabay with the tour

10 August, 2018, 17:45 293
Foreign journalists visited Burabay with the tour

They are the winners of the 5th International Contest Kazakhstan - throught eyes of foreign media.


The winner of the 5th International Contest Kazakhstan - throught eyes of foreign media visited the Burabay resort. For the guests from the near and far abroad, the Tourism Department organized an excursion programme around unique places of the pearl of Kazakhstan, the regional communications service of the Internal Policy Department reports. 

During the excursion, the journalsis visited the Zhailau ethnic village, as well as they visited the clearing of Ablai Khan, Visit Centre of the Burabay village and so on. After that, the climbing the mountain of Bolektau was held where the journalists were presented unique view of Blue Bay with a view to Okzhetpes, Zhumbaktas and the water surface of Burabay lake. 

The guests were admired by the visit of the archeological and ethnic outdoor museum Botay - Burabay, where they had an opportunity to get familiarized with distinct culture, history and be immersed into the world of ancient Kazakhs of the Neolithic period. 

We note that annually the contest is taken part by the authors who more interestingly cover various aspects of the development of modern Kazakhstan in thier works. This year, five winners among 85 works from more than twenty states were selected. The winners of the contest won a trip to Kazakhstan with the visits to Astana, Almaty and the Burabay resort, which includes a large information and cultural programme. 

The contest among the authors from the CIS states and the Baltic States, the editorial office of the National Information Agency of Uzbekistan won. And, among European journalists, the winner was British journalist Gilly Pickup who published the article of Country and Townhouse under the name of One Steppe Beyond in which she depicts her travel to Kazakhstan. The article of American journalist of well-known magazine Forbes Sasha Lipovtsev Seven Wonders of Kazakhstan was the best among journalists from the states of America. The winner from the states of the Middle East and Africa was Ayman Abdelhafez al-Zaban from Jordan, and from the states of Asia, Australia and Oceania, the winner was Indian Inderveer Singh, she wrote an article under the name of Astana: teh capital has its own charms and pleasures that was published in Business Central Asia. 

Having met with the guests, the employees of the Tourism Department of Akmola region gave detailbed information about the state and prospects of development of tourism in the region. The guests were presented with sets of brand products about tourism potential of the region. 

At the end of the staying in Akmola region at the resort of Burabay, the guests expressed thier great gratitude for warm welcome, as well as noted their intention to further write about the resort and to visit Kazakhstan again with their families.  

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