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Free walking tours launched in Astana

21 February, 15:27 408
Free walking tours launched in Astana

Excursions are being launched on the eve of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Astana.

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of Astana, the Capital Tourism Association announces the launch of free walking tours around Astana, the press service of the Association reports. 

“Certified guides will tell about the history of Astana from its formation to the modern time, they will guide through the most important and significant attractions of the capital, tell about the life in the city, colorful events and people,” says the message.

Those who want can choose one of the three excursions on the website o the Association ( the heart of Astana, the old city and the Square of Independence.

Such excursions will be held by beginner guides, who finished professional courses and are in the Register of guides of Astana. Free walking excursions will not be a chance for guests to open the capital for themselves, but also will give a huge experience to beginner guides, who finished trainings in the Capital Tourism Association.  

At the same time, according to the organization, in order to regulate the work of guides of Astana, to improve the conditions of their works, to increase the quality of tourist services, a voluntarily register of guides of Astana is being introduced that will have information on all certified guides of the capital. The register of guides of Astana will be accessible for all tourist companies and tourists on the website of the Association. Certified guides can apply to enter the register of guides of Astana through the website of the Association. Guides, who are in the register, will get a guide’s personal identification card, free entry to all museums of Astana, as well as other prerogatives.

We note that on 21 February professional guides celebrate their professional holiday. The world day of guides was established by the World Federation of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA) with the aim to attract the attention of the publicity, state bodies and business to the quality and value of work of professional guides.

“In Kazakhstan, the market of guides requires the solution of many problems. One of them is the regulation of the market and prevention of the work of foreign and unprofessional guides, who distort historical facts, peculiarities of the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan and those who wrongly provide information about our country to tourists. Today, mostly guides from foreign countries work here, who accompany their groups in Astana and around the route of the Silk road. The world practice shows, guides can work only at the regional level, and only after gaining a huge experience and knowledge, they have a right to hold excursions around the country,” the Association reports.