French businessman called the principles of Kazakhstan competitiveness

11 April, 2017, 11:58 404
French businessman called the principles of Kazakhstan competitiveness

Kazakhstan uses an advantageous geographical location between the largest producer – Asia and the largest consumer – the European Union. In this regard, many efforts have been aimed at the development of infrastructure, the vice-president of the French company Olivier Moreau considers. He has told about it to the correspondent commenting on the third modernization.

"In this plan the digitizing, use of the principle of "one window" and other innovative steps are an essential condition of ensuring competitiveness of the country and its place in a production chain. Therefore these initiatives are very important for increase in appeal of Kazakhstan as regional platform and overland way between Asia and Europe," the businessman noted.

Moreau also notes system without participation of the person as a big plus. In his opinion, modern systems allow to organize processes with the minimum participation of the person where everything is traced and provided full transparency.

"Introduction of digital technologies is very important element within economy which is operated by us, people. Approach of Kazakhstan not only is adapted under modern realities, moreover, it is somewhat innovative. I consider that transparency of the market has decisive character for economic appeal. And it concerns not only fight against corruption, but also ensuring uniformity of financial flows of all participants in the conditions of the international competition," Mr. Moreau summarized.

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