Gasoline, oil production grows in Kazakhstan

14 January, 2019, 10:15 483
Gasoline, oil production grows in Kazakhstan

The country’s 14 regions observed the rise in industrial production. 

Production of gasoline and oil increased in Kazakhstan in 2018, says the National Economy Ministry of Kazakhstan.

According to the Ministry’s official website, the past year’s industrial production index made up 104.1%.  

“In January-December of 2018, there was the increase in crude oil production, gas, and metal ore compared to 2017, as well as in food, tobacco, oil refined petroleum, rubber and plastic products, and products of chemical, metallurgical industries, and machine building products. And the decrease in steel production.  The country’s 14 regions observed the growth in industrial production,” says the report.

90.4 million tons of oil, including gas condensate, were produced, a 104.8% increase compared to 2017. Gasoline production equaled 4 million tons, resulting in a 129.8% rise compared to that in 2017. As for diesel fuel, then 4.7 million tons were produced, a 107.4% rise compared the year 2017. 

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