Global Conference on primary health care starts in Astana

25 October, 2018, 12:22 814
Global Conference on primary health care starts in Astana

Notably, the Alma-Ata Declaration on primary health care was adopted 40 years ago in Kazakhstan. The significance of this international document cannot be overstated. 


The capital city of Kazakhstan gives a start to the Global Conference on primary health care. Representatives from various states of the world have brought together in Astana so as to reaffirm their commitment to the strengthening the system of primary health care for achieving universal health-care coverage and sustainable development goals, correspondent reports. 

The Alma-Ata Declaration on Primary Medical and Sanitary Care was adopted 40 years ago in Kazakhstan. The significance of this international document cannot be overstated. It was signed sponsored by the World Health Organization and is must to be implemented by all governments of the Plant. The international declaration includes principles regarding both the provision of first aid and the protection of the health of humanity as a whole. 

"The Declaration of primary health care enabling to promote the main goals of healthcare was signed in the 'city of apples'. It was a revolutionary declaration, but after Astana became a capital city in 1997 we have been attempting to rebuild our state towards the world paradigm. We have created an open economic space and should overcome the current difficulties. We have managed to overcome difficulties and optimize our work. In 2012, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev expressed his vision to move towards the country's well-being and set new goals until 2050 allowing the country to deal with the rapidly developing world. We have created the large document for the following decades, and this strategy implies education, social protection and healthcare as a priority in the main tasks. We consider the health care system at the highest political level as the pillar of the well-being of the citizens. We have a plan until 2050 and 2019. We have created a system of healthcare being integrated with primary health care. The national plan '100 concrete steps' initiated by the Kazakh President in 2015 implies the system of medical insurance enabling to make medical support as the main step towards the country's sustainable development until 2020. We also work towards the digitalization of the economy and the healthcare sector starting with primary health care. Following the Decree of the President, special attention is placed to primary health care enabling to improve healthcare indicators," said Kazakh Deputy PM Erbolat Dossaev in his welcome speech at the Forum. 

He also informed that the GDP had increased in Kazakhstan in the period from 2008 to 2017, and the mortality rate had significantly decreased. Child mortality has felt from 21 thousand to 8 thousand, and life expectancy has increased from 67 to 73 years.   

"Kazakhstan is proud of the fact that the Declaration was adopted here, and the UN states support its fundamental right to health care. We stably support primary health care so as to meet the needs of the population and to ensure the development of the economy in the most stable way. We understand that prevention and early detection of disease of primary health care will enable to reduce expenses of the health care system and to shorten the burden of medical facilities. To support people is of a priority direction of the government of Kazakhstan," said Erbolat Dossaev. 

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