Grenoble to hold competitions in memory of Denis Ten

11 September, 2018, 10:45 2858
Grenoble to hold competitions in memory of Denis Ten

Competitions are to take place on November 22-25 in Grenoble. 



France's Figure Skating Federation has officially notified Kazakh colleagues that the sixth final stage of the figure skating Grand Prix would be held in memory of Kazakh figure skater Denis Ten, correspondent reports referring to a press service of Kazakhstan's National Skating Federation.

"The Executive Council of the French Federation of Ice Sports plans to pay tribute to Honored figure skater Denis Ten. Denis used to skate in France, including the last year during which he was popular. The audience liked him due to his unusual kindness and openness," says an official letter of the FFSG to the National Skating Federation of Kazakhstan. 

The Grand Prix is to be held on November 22-25 in Grenoble.

"In this terrible moment, our hearts go out to all of you and the family of Denis Ten. The competitions will be held in memory of Denis to confirm that he will always stay in the heart and memory of the French Skating Community," they noted in the FFSG. 

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