Growth in assets of Kazakhstan's investment companies slows down

31 October, 2018, 12:09 411
Growth in assets of Kazakhstan's investment companies slows down

Increase in the assets on average has been 2.5% within the year. 


The top-3 largest companies account for 2/3 of all assets of the sector. 

The assets of investment and management companies of Kazakhstan have risen 2.5% by the end of September, reaching 171.9 billion tenges (a year ago - 167.7 billion tenges), reports referring to

The companies' assets increase year by year, but with high volatility. For instance, in 2017 (September) assets grew by 43.8%, and in 2016 - by 2.5%. 

In addition to the assets, liabilities also increase, amounting to 63.2 billion tenges (a year ago - 63.1 billion tenges). 

Book capitalization of portfolio managers increased by 3.9% in September and reached 108.7 billion tenges (a year ago - 104.6 billion tenges). Within the period from 2015 to 2018, the decline in capital by 3.3% was recorded only in 2016. 

The top-3 companies include Freedom Finance - 58.8 billion tenges (a year ago - 62.4 billion tenges), Halyk Finance - 31.8 billion tenges (a year ago - 30.6 billion tenges) and BCC Invest with a 67% increase in assets over the year - from 14.2 to 23.6 billion tenges.  

Their cumulative accounts account for 66.5% (114.2 billion tenges) of the sector's total assets. 

Among top-5 companies are Kazkommerts Securities and Fincraft. 

BCC Invest (a 67% increase) leads the top-5 of the most fast-growing investment companies. 

It is followed by Central Securities - plus 23.2% to assets over the year. The next is SkyBridge Invest with a 22.6% increase in assets over the year. 

It is followed by Kazkommerts Securities and Verny Capital with an increase of 14.5% and 14.4% respectively.  

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