Half a million Kazakhstanis rested abroad using tour codes

01 August, 2018, 15:35 336
Half a million Kazakhstanis rested abroad using tour codes

That was the data of the Turistik Kamkor Corporate Fund for a year and a half. 


Since the existance of the system of guaranteering the rights of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of outbound tourism, the system's administrator - the Turistik Kamkor Corporate Fund issued almost 500 thousand (485 thousand) tour codes to the Kazakhstan citizens who left for abroad to rest, BNews.kz correspondent reports.  

Talking about a tour code, it includes 11-13 (depending on the country of depature) alphanumeric characters. It is automatically attached once a trip is registred. The character is unique for each tourist. In case of emergency the tourist communicates with the Fund, tells the number of his tour code and waits for emergency assistance within 24 hours. 

We note that since 2017 Kazakhstani tourists are recommemended to leave for abroad to rest with a tour code. The Turistik Kamkor Corporate Fund is created to provide assistance to the compatriots in need abroad, to get back to the homeland. Firstly, it refers to those who suffered from the activity of bad faith tourist firms. Thus, Kazakhstani tourists having a tour code enjoy guaranteering assistance in emergencies. 

A tour code is presented to a tour operator by the Fund after presenting bank guarantees starting from 12 million tenges to 36 million tenges and payment of premiums of 0.5 MCI - 1 202 tenges per tourist. The sum is paid by a tour operator instead of a tourist. 

As of today, the register of the Turistik Kamkor Corporate Fund has 56 tour operators, they can be founded on fondkamkor.kz. At the same time, in all 140 companies operate that conduct tour operator activity in the field of outbound tourism. That is, more than 70 companies work 'secretly' by which they make the safety of Kazakhstan citizens abroad risky who are on their vacation.