Half -yearly yield of internet access providers amounts to 120 bln tenge

03 August, 2018, 13:13 177
Half -yearly yield of internet access providers amounts to 120 bln tenge

Almost three quarters of services account for Astana and Almaty

44 thousand tenge for the half-year (4% less than a year ago) were paid by every internet subscriber to providers of Kazakhstan, BNews.kz reports with reference to inprom.kz.

According to the results of the first half of the year, Internet providers' services for providing access to the worldwide network amounted to 119.7 billion tenge - by 7.3% more than a year ago.

Almost three-quarters of services (73.5%) in accordance with official data, accounted to two capitals - 61 billion tenge in Almaty (2.5% less than in the same period a year earlier), and 27 billion tenge in Astana (41% more than a year ago).

The number of Internet subscribers has grown over the month - by 2.1%, to 2.75 million in June this year. This is by 11.9% more than a year earlier, and immediately by 54% more than 5 years ago.

The check per subscriber averaged 43.6 thousand tenge for the half year, against 45.4 thousand tenge for January-June 2017.

For the last year, the volume of Internet communication services amounted to 228.6 billion tenge - by 10.7% more than in 2016.

The number of subscribers increased by 10.4%, to 2.6 million, their density reached 14 units per 100 people.