Healing hot springs discovered in Pavlodar region

17 January, 2019, 10:21 312
Healing hot springs discovered in Pavlodar region

These can turn into a new area in developing health and medical tourism. 

A new tourism direction can appear in the Irtysh area as hot springs with healing properties have been discovered, pavlodarnews.kz informs.

During a meeting in the region’s Governor’s Office, the head of the Regional Entrepreneurship, Commerce and Tourism Management, Dastan Ryspekov, spoke of the hot springs discovered un the Zhelezin and Uspen districts. One is a self-pumping borehole in the Chalduk Lake in the village of Mikhailovskoye in the Zhelezin district. The Lake is not marked on the map, and the borehole is recorded as unclaimed property in the region’s Department of Justice. The court will find out the owner. Another hot spring is located in the Temiryazevo village in the Uspen district.

“The projects using the hot springs as hot radon springs located in the Chundzha village in the Uygur district (Almaty region) could turn into a new area in tourism development. They are famous for mineral waters and positively affect the body. These springs could become new destinations of health and medical tourism. Thorough work said to be carried out in this direction: identifying locations, information on temperature, healing properties, renewability and carrying our research,” said Dastan Ryspekov.