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Hollywood cartoons in Kazakh for 2018 were announced

06 March, 2018, 11:56 437
Hollywood cartoons in Kazakh for 2018 were announced

The localized versions of such cartoons as “Incredibles 2”, “Hotel Transylvania 3”, “Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2” are being prepared.

The film distribution company of Kazakhstan told the names of Hollywood cartoons that would be fully and qualitatively dubbed in the Kazakh language, IIA Kazinform reports.  

“The localized versions of such forthcoming cartoons as “Incredibles 2” (release date – June 14), “Hotel Transylvania 3” (release date – July 12), “Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2” (release date November 22) are being prepared to be run in Kazakhstan,” says the press service of “Meloman” (a Kazakhstan company).

It is told that dubbing of Hollywood projects into Kazakh is performed according to the high requirements, voices of actors who dub are submitted in the studios where the movies and cartoons are produced.

“What is the high quality of dubbing? The visitor should have a feeling that the movie was shot in Kazakh, and the actors spoke in that language. Therefore, one of the Disney’s requirements is that the voice of the actor of dubbing should be fully merged with the personage, with the original,” Aizhan Zhamshitovs said, a director of dubbing of some projects.

The rental company also the work on previous dubbed projects. “In the case with “Cars-2”, many children have never heard of “naizagai”. They learned “lightning” in Kazakh is naizagai, because of the nickname of McQueen. Before this, the word was not used so much. I am certain that integration of certain words into a movie can increased the interest to our language. I know the cases when the cinema was fully attended by children, and teachers of Kazakh led them with educational purposes,” General Director of “Meloman” Vadim Golenko said.

Since 2011, the corporate fund “Bolashak” jointly with Disney and “Meloman” have been making a unique project on translating of series of famous Bollywood movies. The project of dubbing movies is a social one and it does not follow any commercial purposes. World blockbusters, with the average budget of 200 million dollars each, become fully national product because of high-technological dubbing.

Kazakhstan was the second Turkic language, the seventh language of Sony Pictures, the 39th language of Walt Disney and joint the seven main languages of Hollywood movies that are available for watching on DVD, Blu-Ray around the world. 23 foreign movies have been already dubbed so far.