How much do Kazakhstan athletes earn at Universiade 2017?

09 February, 2017, 14:56 850
How much do Kazakhstan athletes earn at Universiade 2017?

World winter games are the most successful in the history of Kazakhstan participation of athletes at the Universiade. Domestic athletes won in world student competitions in Almaty 36 awards, reports.

Kazakhstan gold medalists should be awarded by 4.9 million, silver medalists of the Universiade - 3.3 million tenge, and Bronze - 1.6million tenge.

In the Decree of Kazakhstan Government dated December 19, 2014 № 1345 " on approval of the list of international sports competitions, amounts and rules  of payment of cash rewards to champions and winners  of international competitions, to the coaches and members of Kazakhstan teams on national kinds of sports: "cash rewards to the champions and winners of international competitions, members of Kazakhstan teams on national kinds of sports in team sports (playing sports ,group exercises, relay races) are implemented to every athlete 100% of the amount of cash awards.

Kazakhstan athletes took the 13 gold medals in nine individual disciplines and 2 team (Sprint in cross-country skiing and acrobatic team competitions in freestyle of two persons.

The total amount of the golden award is 63.7 million tenge.

Four national athletes have in individual competitions and 4 teams (men's ice hockey team of 23 person,  relay quartets in the mixed relay in biathlon, and team relay in cross-country skiing, relay trio women`s cross country skiing).  There are 38 awards.

The total amount of silver premiums is 125.4 million tenge.

Also Kazakhstan has 17 bronze medals: 15 awards are in individual disciplines, two - in team (women's and men's teams in short track of 5 people). There are 25 medals, i.e. 40 million tenge.

Total Kazakh athletes must be awarded by $229.1 million tenge.

Galina Vishnevskayaers, biathlonist earned 13.1 million tenge (two gold medals and one silver). Cross country skier Anna Shevchenko was awarded five times (one gold and silver, three bronze) and will get 13 million tenge. Double champions in freestyle Juliya Galysheva and Dmitry Rejherd will be awarded by 8 million each, reports.

Let`s remind, that yesterday in the ice arena Almaty Arena there was the grandiose closing ceremony of the Universiade2017. The best groups of the city acted that evening for the audience, the delegation of Krasnoyarsk presented his visiting card

The official ceremony of handing over the FISU flag to Krasnoyarsk, the hosting city of the next Universiade, took place. The Mayor of Almaty Bauyrzhan Baibek passed the flag to FISU President Oleg Matytsin who, in turn, gave it over to Edkham Akbulatov, the Mayor of Kranoyarsk. .

This city will be the capital of the following winter student games in 2019.

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