Hundreds of Kazakhstan citizens for weeks can't get to Consulate of China in Almaty

28 September, 2017, 12:45 378
Hundreds of Kazakhstan citizens for weeks can't get to Consulate of China in Almaty

To file documents on the visa to China Kazakhstan citizens are in line to weeks at consulate of the country in Almaty. People gather at consulate of the People's Republic of China since early morning, but as a rule, only several Kazakhstan citizens a day manage to pass there.

According to our citizens, protection of consulate passes only those who have bribed them, KTK TV Channel reports.

According to Gulmira Mamet, she tries to get to consulate 10 days. The woman needed to leave urgently to China on the father's funeral.

"Ten days already! Ten! Here all solve only money. And such as we, stand the whole day in a queue. My father have already been buried there, and I still haven't reached," she says.

The schedule of work of diplomatic mission revolts our fellow citizens as well: it is possible to file documents on the visa only three days a week and it is necessary to be in time in three hours.

"I need to go to China on my business urgently. And they here have a schedule. Also they make lists. Here, for example, I am 74th out of 120 when I come in if they work for three hours," Bolat Shayky is indignant.

Meanwhile in consulate say that don't limit access to the services in any way, they are doing everything that is necessary. According to their version, police officers and security guards of whom diplomats already complained and more than once are guilty of turns. However neither the MFA, nor the Ministry of Internal Affairs have reacted to their complaints so far.

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