I will try my best - Daneliya Tuleshova about her preparation for Junior Eurovision-2018

24 September, 2018, 18:17 1374
I will try my best - Daneliya Tuleshova about her preparation for Junior Eurovision-2018

On November 25 Daneliya Tuleshova left for Minsk to represent Kazakhstan at Junior Eurovision-2018. 


Kazakhstani young star Daneliya Tuleshova talked about her preparations for Eurovision, about how she evaluates her chances to win and whether she could combine her studies with rehearsals, BNews.kz correspondent reports. 

On September 22, the name of Kazakhstan's first representative at the Junior Eurovision-2018 song contest in Minsk has been revealed. Following the viewers' request, the honor fell to Daneliya Tuleshova, the winner of the Ukrainian project 'Voice. Children' and hearts of millions of viewers.  Children aged from 9 t0 14 from 18 states will take part in Junior Eurovision-2018. Daneliya Tuleshova is busy preparing for the contest, and despite a busy schedule, she answered some of the questions. 

- Daneliya, tell us about your preparation for the contest?

- Several days have passed so far. Now sing much. 

- You are going to leave for Minsk on November 25. What are your expectations?

- Taking part in any contest is an experience. I am sure that I will learn a lot, meet talented children from various states and will make friends with them.  

- Why have you chosen songs Kazakh and English, in particular, 'Ozine sen' (Believe in yourself)?

- The contest has its own rules that all participants should follow. And one of the rules says that 60% of the song must be in the language of the participant state. I really like this song, its idea, we wrote it exclusively for my peers.  

Photo credit: Aleksey Koterev

- What do you think the song in Kazakh will be perceived by the world audience?

- I will try my best to make them like it. Efforts of the great authors were put into Ozine sen song, I believe it will gain popularity with its listeners. 

- What do you know about other contestants?

- Nothing, except for that all of them are talented professionals. Not even all states have chosen their participants. I am looking forward to meeting and acquainting with them, and I am sure it will be nice!

- How do you evaluate your chances to win in the final?

- It is quite a difficult matter, I will try my best and put all my efforts to win. I am excited for a new experience that I will use in the future. 

Photo credit: Aleksey Koterev

- Do you expect to win?

- Why not, one should believe in his dream and everything will be alright!

- How do you combine your hobby and studies?

- Now I have a busy schedule of studies in school and in the studio. However, school comes first, so I should give up some delights. School and vocal lessons are important. 

- Do you have time for children's fun? 

- Only a little time and I spend it with my family, play with my brother and young sister with pleasure.   

- What do you plan to do after the contest?

- To go back to my studies and to finish the 2nd  quarter with excellent marks. 

- Do you have any plans to step onto the professional stage, to get a professional education in music? 

- I have not thought about it yet, as I have other hobbies and interests. But until then, I would like to be an economist, but music undoubtedly will be with me.  

Photo credit: Aleksey Koterev