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In 12 km from Baikonur, natural focus of plague becomes active

30 June, 12:32 479
In 12 km from Baikonur, natural focus of plague becomes active

On the limited site of the territory, in 12 kilometers from the city of Baikonur, the activization of the natural focus of bubonic plague, confirmed with allocation of cultures from rodents and fleas is revealed, correspondent reported.

"Activation of the center was taped by the staff of the Kyzylorda antiplague station. Within planned work, the Kyzylorda antiplague station conducts monitoring in the territory of five districts of the region and the Ulytau district of the Karaganda region adjacent to Baikonur,"  head of the station Almagul Matzhanova reported.

As experts note, there are no settlements in proximity from the center of the plague outbreak, however, the next reference point from it is a water intaking construction of Baikonur where 35 people work.

"The management of a complex Baikonur is informed on the recorded epizootic. It is offered to carry out 
bacterination of employees of a water intake," Almagul Matzhanova added.

She also noticed that today the population of the region has no reasons for panic.

"Now disinfection processing of the territory of the area of 4 is carried out. It is necessary for the creation of a protective zone. And, by the way, annually antiplague stations tap similar cases, and work on prophylaxis of plague is conducted. Since 2003 there were no cases of human plague. All this thanks to work of health officers of antiplague stations".

We will note, last night it became known that an urgent meeting was appointed on Baikonur because of detection of plague.

Bubonic plague is the form of plague, the acute natural and focal disease caused by a bacterium of Yersinia pestis transferred by the fleas parasitizing on rats who can pass to the person relating to especially dangerous infections.

Bubonic plague develops at the penetration of the activator through the skin (as a rule, at a sting of the infected flea).

In the case of a lethal outcome bubonic plague shortly before death passes in septic that makes possible transmission of infection at direct contact with the patient's body.