In Almaty large plants to be launched at the expense of investors

20 April, 2018, 09:34 342
In Almaty large plants to be launched at the expense of investors

They will be launched in the current year.

Four large plants will appear in Almaty by the end of the year. The projects were backed up by investors from Russia, China and Japan. The main principle of their implementation is export orientation, import substitution and removal of production to the safe zone. It was said by Mayor of Almaty Baurzhan Baibek at the annual conference of entrepreneurs, correspondent reports.

At the conference, representative of the presidium of NCE of Kazakhstan “Atameken” Timur Kulibayev noted that the state supports entrepreneurs by modifying the legistaltion in their respect.

"The criminal legislation of Kazakhstan has undergone some changes in favor of entrepreneurs, especially the abrogation of the law "On false entrepreneurship." We also carried out a lot of work to optimize the administrative legislation, reduce the number of fines against entrepreneurs, and create a business climate in Almaty that allows them to work without hindrance. The city consists mainly of enterprises that are engaged in the financial, trade, construction sectors. Unlike other regions, there are no distortions," said Kulibayev.

Mayor of Almaty Baurzhan Baibek after thanking the Astana guest underlined that the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs for a short term has been established as an institution by resolving systemic problems.

"All important decisions of the state regarding business, economy and the state’s development are supported by NCE “Atameken.” Almaty is the cradle of Kazakhstan's business, we understand our responsibility. There are heated discussions, but we are trying to come to an understanding. This all works for the development of business," said Baibek.

The Mayor said that the project "100 steps to develop tourism" was designed. Also, five projects of public-private partnership in the field of sports and tourism development are being implemented.

"Rules for notification of non-stationary trade facilities have been developed, an auction was held on Panfilov St. and its holding allowed to eliminate corruption risks and increase revenues to the city budget by 64 million tenge. There is a good program of "1000 kiosks" in Astana, but there is not so much development of small and medium-sized business there. We have 27 thousand square meters of free space, respectively, we are talking about uncivilized forms of trade to come and fill them," said the Mayor of Almaty.

Baurzhan Baibek emphasized the attention to the fact that as a result of the state’s support, the growth of the economy was ensured. Thus, the initiative “50 rules of Almaty’s development” was launched, it is aimed at ensuring growth of the economy and improving the city’s look. Terms and executive resources were defined for each project.

"41 projects are currently being implemented for 180 billion tenge, we have launched three projects, 12 are actively under construction, the rest is under construction. The principle of implementing these projects is export-oriented, import substitution and removal of industries outside the city to address environmental and safety issues," said Baibek.

He said that by the end of the year new plants will be launched. With the participation of the Chinese capital, import substitution will be ensured by 40%, investment in the project will amount to 30 billion tenge. The plant will be launched on the occasion of the Independence Day.

On May 20, the introduction of a plant for the production of high-tech metal products is planned at the expense of Japanese investments of 37 billion tenge.

On June 15, a factory for the production of cable products will be launched at the expense of Russian investments of 6.7 billion tenge.

On August 1, a garbage sorting complex on Italian technology with a capacity of 500 thousand tons per year will be launched. It will not only recycle the garbage, but also extract up to 80% of the productive components. By 2020, it is planned to develop deep waste processing in the city.