In-car payment put in place at Kazakhstani stations

25 July, 2018, 09:46 226
In-car payment put in place at Kazakhstani stations

 KazMunaiGas JSC  introduces the technology of contactless payment for petroleum products.

A release of oil products without the participation of a cashier is available now at KazMunayGas gas stations. A driver needs only to install a mobile application and attach a bank card, correspondent reports.

Arriving at the gas station, in the zone of confident coverage of the mobile Internet, in the mobile application using the geo-location of the smartphone, the client automatically determines its location. It remains to choose the number of the fuel dispenser column, the type of fuel and the required volume in liters or the amount in monetary terms. After that, the system will automatically connect the fuel dispenser and the car will be charged with the ordered fuel volume.

Following the filling out the system sends an electronic check with fiscal data. A great advantage for car owners was the possibility of remote payment for fuel from any other city.

The mobile application also carefully developed the option of charging for a full tank and guaranteed a refund of the amount to the customer's card in case of an undersized volume.

The new project was the continuation of the company's work on the development of digital products, started with the introduction of the system of electronic coupons and the widespread use of payment with the use of barcodes. The company is convinced that Kazakhstan motorists will appreciate the advantages of the new product.

The app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.