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Incident at the ‘Zhanazhol’ field: One died

23 February, 17:15 223
Incident at the ‘Zhanazhol’ field: One died

The labor inspection began the investigation after the incident in the aftermath of which one person died and another was brought to the hospital.

The incident happened on February 22 at 06:20 pm at the “Zhanazhol” field in the subdivision oil and gas production department “Oktyabrskneft”, correspondent reports. Two locksmith repairmen watched over the work of the pump at the well when the leak of technical water occurred in the aftermath of which the incident happened.

According to the preliminary information, two of them poisoned by vapors of hydrogen sulphide and lost consciousness. At the moment when they were found one of them, a 54-year-old man, laid without signs of life. The second one. a 40-year-old man, with badly injures was hospitalized. After the medical aid his state improved. According to the Department of Labor Inspection, the workers had all means of protection.

Over the last two days, this one is the second incident with death of Kazakhstanis at working places. Earlier, it was noted that at ArsellorMittal Temirtau, a 39-year man felt from a height and his traumas were non-survivable.