Independent expert talked on problems of modern radio broadcasting

12 July, 2018, 13:35 275
Independent expert talked on problems of modern radio broadcasting

The existing radio stations fear to change their concepts of broadcasting, because they fear to be squeezed out from the media market, he noted.

Astana holds the Asia Media Dialogue Forum organized by the Minister of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At one of the panels devoted to future tendencies in media, Executive Director of Lightning International LTD James Brent Garrett Ross from Great Britain told the problems employees of the modern radio broadcasting in Hong Kong, where he lives, face, correspondent reports.

“Probably for today everything is quite complex and sensitive, because in Hong Kong the sphere of radio faces the problem when we have stuck between the old British bureaucracy and the regular system that was launched 40 years ago. And, we have stuck in these rules and feelings, because Hong Kong is still independent in terms of media control, and we face some problems. For instance, in terms of publication, we have problems when certain books are under control to be sold,” said the head of the company.

According to him, in the last month, the main company that publishes books in Hong Kong had problems with abducting its employees.

“Everyone is careful when they do something. Not talking about a great deal of rules being published, but the Government of Hong Kong is under great pressure. The problem in terms of editing is that people are very careful when they do anything in various aspects of media. I am not sure whether its is good or bad. Probably it is good, because we wish the media to survive as much as possible. And, we should adapt,” said Ross.

He also shared his opinion on another modern problem of media – fake news.

“I do not think that fake news is a huge problem in Hong Kong, maybe some newspapers still publish one or two fake news. But, as for our broadcasters, then everything is just, fair. But, as I have said, Hong Kong has stuck between the two bureaucracies, and I am a little bit worried about radio, because Hong Kong has only 7 radio stations with the population of 7 million people. It is funny,” he said.

The speaker acknowledged that the current developments of the modern media sphere are not fitted into the old concept of radio broadcasting.

“The British mentality that existed 40 years ago still remains. And, probably these seven radio stations hinder each other, and despite all these things no body intends to mix borders to search for ways to expand the media business. Because they fear to be squeezed out,” said James Brent Garrett Ross.