India plans to shoot joint movies with Kazakhstan directors

02 June, 2017, 17:25 1533
India plans to shoot joint movies with Kazakhstan directors

Today in Astana the 14th meeting of Ministers of Culture of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation member countries has taken place. Representatives of India, Iran, China, Kyrzystan, Russia, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan have arrived to the meeting. The deputy minister of culture of India Shifali Shah has expressed desire for production of joint movies with the Kazakhstan directors, correspondent reported.

Opening the meeting, the Minister for Culture and Sports  Arystanbek Mukhamediuly has emphasized that it is difficult to overestimate the importance and effect of interstate dialogue, especially from a position of the cultural sphere. Kazakhstan from the very beginning of activity of the international organization actively keeps forward development of a cultural vector of SCO.

"The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation is one of the most dynamically developing regional organizations in the world which in 16 years has made and makes a huge contribution to strengthening of economies of member countries and safety of the region," A. Mukhamediuly said.

As the minister, the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in the program article "Look into the Future: modernization of public consciousness" has accurately designated that without strong cultural core economic and political success of any state is inconceivable. Besides, along with safety, trade and transport logistics cultural cooperation has the enormous potential and prospect in strengthening of mutual understanding between the people.

"The culture can and shall become a strong link and a strong platform of interaction of our countries. The cultural policy of the successful state shall be aimed at providing of sustainable development of society on the basis of formation of creative valuable reference points and is high-quality measurement of development of all important aspects of activity of society and state," A. Mukhamediuly added.

Following the results of the meeting Ministers of Culture of SCO accepted the joint protocol where expressed mutual aspiration to further development of polygonal and two-way cultural ties within SCO, to solidifying of mutual understanding and respect, harmonic coexistence of different nationalities and religions, saving a diversity of cultures, the active dissemination of knowledge about centuries-old tradition and customs of the people of member states of SCO.

"Now the protocol following the results of a meeting is signed with pleasure. Already all my colleagues studied the protocol, its contents. It, of course, we first of all are interested in close interaction. I would like to mark that we have such informal communication. Informal assistance each other which yields the fruits. In particular, within the EXPO there will take place the well-known exhibition of terracotta soldiers. It will be completely paid by the Ministry of Culture of China. Also we have a good interaction with the Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan, the exhibition of artists of Uzbekistan in our national museum came just recently. In September we interact in the field of theater, that is exchange of the leading directors, ballet masters. We announce joint initiatives for advance of continuation of an average segment of the Great Silk way now," the minister added.

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