Individual code and index planned to attach to Astana's streets

06 August, 2018, 17:55 215
Individual code and index  planned to attach to Astana's streets

The person will precisely know the district where the street needed is located and its possible location by the help of an index.  


In Astana they proposed to gradually introduce indexation of the city's streets, reports with a reference to an official website of the capital city's Mayor's Office. 

Identification prefixes include a code of a street or using other words the unique alphanumeric postal index in order to well orientation around the city. The novelty should significantly reduce work of emergency services, taxi drivers, couriers and postal employees, as well as to reduce the shearch or necessary locations and streets for ordinary citizens. 

As they said in the capital's Centre for Urban Affairs, the corresponding project was considered at the Architectural City Development Council. 

The principle to attach indexes to streets implies the division of the city into the six indicative districts - the right bank - the west, centre, east, and, correspondingly,the left bank - the west, centre, east. The division borders correspond to the natural borders, such as the Esil, Sarybulak, Akbulak Rivers, Taldykol lake and the Nura-Ishim channel. 

In the capital's Centre for Urban Affairs they said that the person by the help of an index of a street will know the district where the street needed is located and its possible location. 

"Indexes are more convenient, because many people confuse names or do not remember them. For instance, there are vertical and horisontal streets. They have a certain order - some of them are even, others are odd. In names of streets, a prefix of the street and a digital figure will be the first, for instance, if an even number, then 2, 4, 6 .... That is, it has a sort of logic that the next street after 6 will be 8. It operates as a guidance and the prefix gives a cue where the person is. It is very convenient for pedestrians and car drivers," said Depury of the Centre for Urban Affaris Askhat Saduov. 

"As prefixes we use all points of the compass. There are two variants of names: with Kazakh and English symbols. For instance, in English N - North, S - South and so on," he said. 

Askhat Saduov added that it was better to use the points of the compass in English in order to orientate, because they are well-recognized around the globe. 

"We plan to work out each street in detail. We have approved the concept, and will jointly with the Address Register elaborate and to provide additional layer with the street's index in the inventory data. The names of the streets remain the same, only an addtional layer is added. People will have an additional option - to orientate using a name of the street as usually or by a prefix for new residents, guests of the capital city. That is an additional funtion for orientation. In the Address Register, everything remains the same, another index will be added," said the expert.   

In the Centre for Urban Affairs noted that at this stage the doers consider the opinion and assessment of the public on the intruduction of the principle of attaching indexes to streets of the city important.  

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