International project "New Silk Road" helps to make culture of nomads recognizable

23 November, 2017, 10:31 381
International project

In Kazakhstan, an international expedition "New Silk Road" is planned, led by Polish traveler and researcher Jacek Palkiewicz. The project is closely intertwined with the national program "Rukhani zhangyru", within the framework of which a number of scientific and research projects in the sphere of culture are being implemented by the order of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan. It was announced at the press-conference by Director General of the Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Culture Andrei Khazbulatov.

The event was also attended by Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "National Company "Kazakh Tourism" Timur Duisengaliev, the Strategy 2050 NA reported.

As he notes, following the results of EXPO-2017, Kazakhstan becomes known not only as a country of oil and gas, but also in terms of tourism.

"Considering the tools for promoting Kazakhstan's tourism abroad, we will certainly use such a powerful brand as the Silk Road. It can be regarded as a trademark", the speaker emphasized.

According to Timur Duisengaliev, the culture of nomads will attract interest both within the country and beyond it.

"Our way of life, traditions, cuisine, culture, legends, the sacred sites that Jacek will visit, we will add to tourist products and tourist routes that will be of interest to the world", the Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "NC "Kazakh Tourism" concluded.

According to the traveler, "Sacral Geography of Kazakhstan" will become a trump card of Kazakhstan for tourists from all over the world, because, despite the desire for something new, all people are trying to learn how it was in the distant past.

It should be noted that the "New Silk Road" Expedition is a all-round and comprehensive project, interesting both in terms of developing the tourist potential and strengthening cultural exchange between the participating countries. It will provide an opportunity to supplement the scientific projects that have been launched, introduce additional monuments to the Virtual map, interesting for the outside world.

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