Int’l Association of Prosecutors’ prime interest is Kazakh criminal justice

18 July, 2018, 10:24 230
Int’l Association of Prosecutors’ prime interest is Kazakh criminal justice

The key goal of a visit of foreign prosecutors to Astana is a familiarization with Kazakhstan’s reforms in criminal justice.

President of International Association of Prosecutors Gerhard Yarosh paid a visit to General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan, correspondent reports with a reference the press service of the authority.

The foreign colleagues are interested in Kazakhstani experience in humanization, a criminal policy allowing to improve the country’s position in world prison ranking from 3rd up to 82nd level.

As a result, for the last 27 years, the prison population of the country has decreased by 66 thousand (from 100 thousand to 34 thousand). 8 prison camps were closed. The annual budget saving is 12 billion tenge.

At the same time, the reduction of the prison population did not lead to a worsening of the crime situation and every year crime, including recidivism, declines by 7-10%.

As for the implementation of the project on the digitization of the criminal process, it was noted that since the beginning of the year over 4 thousand criminal cases have been investigated in electronic format.

In such a format, more than 1,8 thousand cases were sent to the court, of which 1.3 thousand cases have already been examined with a ruling.

Foreign guests supported Kazakhstanis prosecutors’ view concerning the introduction of new investigation format will favorably enhance the guarantee of the rights of citizens in criminal proceedings, minimize the falsification of evidence and various violations of the rule of law.

In conclusion, Gerhard Yarosh expressed Kazakhstan’s side for welcome and sharing of best practices and expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation.