Int’l OCG leaders are credited with oil stealing

07 August, 2018, 17:23 153
Int’l OCG leaders are credited with oil stealing

Defendants in the case are also accused of very serious crimes.

One more legal proceedings in the criminal case on the illegal export of crude oil in the amount of 13 thousand tons for a total amount of 1.4 billion tenge was held in Aktobe. The defendants are credited with the involvement in illegal oil trafficking as part of an organized crime group and in the commission of a number of grave and especially grave crimes, correspondent reports with reference to Aktobe News.

Co-founder of the oil processing plant of Aktobe oil refining LLP A. Kuzhagaliyev, chief technologist Ye. Uteniyazov and head of the logistics and marketing department of the same plant A.Kushkinbayev, director of Inter Oil Export LLP S. Raev and his deputy of the Republic of Belarus C. Kuntsevich are on the dock.

Employees of Refinery of LLP Aktobe refinery during the proceedings confirmed the testimony given during the pre-trial investigation. They noted an instruction to develop and produce a standard for a mixture of oil products Oil Blend, under the guise of which crude oil was exported from the plant to Kyrgyzstan for export, was received directly from Kuzhagaliyev and his two subordinate, defendants Kushkinbayev and Uteniyazov.

 The defendant Kuzhagaliyev gave instructions both by mobile phone and e-mail. As of particularly important and confidential instructions, they have been informed through his subordinate Kushkinbayev. Once a month he came to the plant personally, held meetings and supervised their execution by plant department heads," the witnesses informed.

In turn, witness Aliyev said that he actually journalized data on correspondent instructions from the defendant Uteniyazov.

According to witness Bulatov, defendants Kuzhagaliyev and Kuntsevich organized a criminal scheme for exporting oil under the guise of a mixture of oil products Oil Blend from the plant to Kyrgyzstan. He said that Oil Blend is fictional, such products do not really exist.

To recap in December 2016 a large-scale special operation was conducted Aktobe Oil Refinery LLP with the participation of the NSC, the ministry of the internal affairs and National Anti-Corruption Bureau to suppress crimes in the sphere of illegal oil turnover on the territory of the Aktobe region and in Aktobe.

The guilty persons were taken into custody, including a citizen of the Republic of Belarus S.Kuntsevich. It took almost a year to investigate this case. The materials of the case, in general, amounted to almost 100 volumes.