Investment for 32 billion tenges to be attracted to W Kazakhstan

23 October, 2018, 10:31 934
Investment for 32 billion tenges to be attracted to W Kazakhstan

It is known that the regional Governor's Office will support investors in the implementation of projects. 


The investment projects with a total cost of 32 billion tenges were considered at the session of the Regional Council to attract investment in Uralsk on October 19, a press service of JSC NC 'Kazakh Invest' reports. 

During the session, Governor of West Kazakhstan region Altai Kulginov noted that the projects presented were important for the region. 

"The Governor's Office will provide its full support to investors in the implementation of projects, including land plots, investment subsidies, customs duties, tax obligations. Investors will be given 10-year period land and property tax exemption benefits, with returning 20% of the investment, which is the tangible support from the state," reads a report of the press service.

It is known that all these projects were supported by JSC Kazakh Invest national company. Out of the projects presented, four projects - in agriculture, three of them - in animal production, and one project - in the greenhouse complex. It is planned to build an open feed yard for livestock for 3 000 animals in the Syrym and Zelenov Districts. The cost of the project is 1.2 billion tenges, of which 70% - loans, and 30% - funds of 'Agroproduct Ltd' company. 

"'LLP 'Central Feedlot' plans to create a feeding area for 5,000 hectares for the feeding complex in the village of Yanaikino in the Zelenovskiy District. It is planned to expand the existing production capabilities with 4000 to 10 000 heads within the first year of the project. LLP 'WorldGreenCompany' presented a project to construct a greenhouse complex. The amount of investment is 13 billion tenges, the project's capacity - 4,400 tons of cucumbers and 3,450 tons of tomatoes. The provider of the 'turn-key' greenhouse complex is the Dutch company, which is the leader in agricultural commodities," reads the company's report.  

It is known that other two investment projects are about the development of the region's tourist cluster. They are the construction of a hotel with 108 rooms in Aksay in the Burlinsk District under the franchise of Intercontinental Hotel Group - Holiday Inn (4 stars). The project's cost, with LLP 'PSP 'Serik' as the project's investor, is over 3.6 billion tenges, 85% of which are the investor's funds.

Also, the project to modernize Uralsk's park of culture and rest was presented during the session, with the cost of 570 million tenges. As well as a Ferris wheel with a height of 40 metres will be installed. 

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