ISIS took responsibility for died foreigners in Tajikistan

31 July, 2018, 14:52 272
ISIS took responsibility for died foreigners in Tajikistan

An unknown car drove over tourists, and then those in the car used knives and firearms against foreigners. Four bicyclists died.

ISIS terrorist organization took responsibility for the murder of foreign cyclists in Tajikistan, correspondent reports referred to Sputnik Tajikistan. The information confirmed this fact is available on SITE Intelligence Groupю  

On July 29 four foreign tourists died in Dangara area about 70 km from south-east of Dushanbe.  Two of the victims were citizens of the USA, one – resident of Switzerland and one more a native of Holland.

An unknown car drove the bicyclists, and then a group of people in the car killed them with firearms and knives, the BBC reports.

Then the car disappeared from the scene of the crime, but soon came across tourists were found. Three of them resisted and as a result were killed. One person was detained.

In total there were seven people in the group of foreign cyclists.

It is reported that Tajik President Emomali Rahmon personally controls the investigation of the incident.