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Israel, Serbia and Iran can join the free trade zone with EEU

24 August, 2017, 12:41 840

Astana hosts the annual international exhibition forum "Eurasian Week" organized by the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and the Eurasian economic commission. The Prime minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev takes part in the work of the forum, correspondent reported.

In a welcoming speech the Prime minister has noted that it is necessary to develop the export and investment potential of member states of EEU, despite their annual growth.  

"It is very symbolical that the Eurasian week takes place within the international EXPO 2017 exhibition achievement of which will also promote harmonious transition of economy of our countries on nature protection, resource-saving, innovative type of development. It is convinced that the submitted platform will promote both to development of business contacts, and deepening of the existing relationship between a public sector and business community. Besides, it is sure that the forum will become the important instrument of development of economy of the investment and export potential of the countries of EEU," B. Sagintayev told.

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers has added that the business program of an action will be saturated.       

According to B. Sagintayev, the scale of an action allows not only to strengthen close interaction between public sector and business community, but also will stimulate in strengthening of investment processes.

"Kazakhstan represents about 80 export-oriented companies on various branches here. It will help our countries to acquire new mutually advantageous contacts. Already today in Kazakhstan more than 8 thousand joint ventures steadily work with the countries of EEAS. I consider that it is a good indicator in support of integration of the country of businessmen. We will be glad in further extension of this list of the enterprises," the Prime minister shared.

Also it is expected that within the forum it is offered to sign a number of the documents contributing to the development of the international cooperation within EEU in agro-industrial complex including on the measures aimed at the export development.

"Since the beginning of the current year positive dynamics of key indicators is observed. So, GDP growth in EEU for the first quarter 2017 has made 0,8%. It is pleasant that the industry grows even better – 2,7%. The volume of foreign trade of the countries of EEAS in the first half of the year has increased almost by 28%. In general, thanking under an internal condition of development so to growth of mutual trade in the developed states, and the third countries. For example, having opened mutual duty-free access for goods with Vietnam, we considerably intensified trade with this country. Results of the first half of the year show increase in commodity turnover of member states of EEAS with Vietnam at 26,2%," Bakytzhan Sagintayev noted.

As the Prime minister has reported, negotiations on agreements on free trade with Israel, Serbia and Iran are conducted already today.  

B. Sagintayev has added that questions of elimination of barriers and restrictions become one of the key directions of growth of economic indicators of the countries of EEU.         

It should be noted that for participation in the Eurasian week in the capital there have arrived representatives of public authorities, a business community and business community from 42 countries. The program of the Eurasian week includes more than 30 debatable actions which are covered by 13 branches of economy strategically significant for the common market of EEU.    

The action has brought together by more than 2000 participants from 35 countries and will become the platform for collaboration over the development strategy of EEU.

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