It became known what data Facebook collects about its users

14 June, 2018, 12:43 251
It became known what data Facebook collects about its users

Letter of the Facebook representatives published at US Congress website.

The official website of the US Congress has published Facebook representatives’ letter which lists data of Facebook’s users, correspondent reports.

According to the document the company has access to the following data:

  •  time, frequency and duration of actions in the window with the social network tab (even whether the window is open or in the background);
  •  purchases on external websites;
  •  plug-ins installed in the user's browser;
  •  movements of the mouse on the user's device;
  •  usage the camera, which is built into the Facebook application;
  •  metadata of photos (including, time and place of shooting);
  •  applications installed on the user's device;
  •  the names and types of files on the user's device;
  •  identifiers from games, applications and other accounts;
  •  available disk space on the user's device;
  •  contacts from the user's address book;
  •  in the case of Android-devices - call history and SMS history;
  •  Wi-Fi and cellular access points closest to the user;
  •  information of mobile and fixed providers through computers, telephones, interfaced TVs and other devices on the network;
  •  data about the level of the user's device;
  • data about settings and permissions on the user's device;
  •  information and photos of other users, as well as the frequency of interaction and communication with them.

Facebook representatives added they have an access to other companies. It is referred to both on-line and off-line mode.

It should be noted the row around Facebook blew up on March 16. Then social network blocked the page Cambridge Analytica and the page of Professor of Psychology at Cambridge University Alexander Kogan, who, passed data on Facebook users to third parties, including Cambridge Analytica through his application "This is your digital life" on the social network platform, which was to constitute a psychological portrait of the user.

It is assumed that these data could be used in the course of the 2016 US election campaign and the referendum on the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union (Brexit).

Earlier, Facebook reported that Cambridge Analytica could receive data from a total of 87 million social network users.