It will be a platform to establish more contacts - Kazakh PM on Digital Bridge Forum

05 November, 2018, 17:19 342
It will be a platform to establish more contacts - Kazakh PM on Digital Bridge Forum

The Prime Minister has expressed the hope to develop the International Forum. 

Kazakh Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev told that it is planned to turn the Forum into a platform for establishing more contacts between representatives of IT-companies around the world at a plenary session of the 2018 Digital Bridge Forum, correspondent reports. 

Bakytzhan Sagintayev named the creation of a virtual bridge between Europe and Asia at Astana's platform as the objective of the International Forum. He also noted the presence of Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas in the Forum, who arrived in Astana to visit the Forum and the opening of the Astana Hub startup-hub.

"The objective is to create a virtual bridge between Europe and Asia. Delegations from various states and the visit of the Estonian Prime Minister indicate that this objective has begun to happen. On our way here, our Minister of Information told in the hall that there were a lot of companies, young persons, startup companies, technology companies contacting each other, and establishing contacts. And it is the very objective so we can connect Europe with Asia," said the Prime Minister. 

He added the necessity to conduct a great work to establish contacts between Kazakhstan and other Asian and European states. 

"Today the world changes fast, and there is no need to visit each other to establish contacts, as they can be established by the means of the internet, as well as to share impressions we have. So we think that this Forum, which we have started today, will continue in the future, and will expand every year, as well as the number of companies, people wishing to take active part will increase. It will be the platform where more contacts will be established," said Bakytzhan Sagintayev.