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Italian bloggers to appraise cuisines of Astana’s restaurants

03 March, 2018, 10:53 522
Italian bloggers to appraise cuisines of Astana’s restaurants

Chefs of the capital will conduct master classes. The Italian bloggers will share their impressions with their subscribers.

The Italian bloggers arrived in Astana to participate in the gastronomic blog-tour that lasts up to March 8. The tour’s programme engages Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, Director General of the National tourist company Kochevnik Bakdaulet Tashmanov said at a press conference.

Two bloggers from Kazakhstan Yerlan Sakenov and Yerden Telemisov and two Italian bloggers Monika Papagna and Valentina Crosetto will take part in tasting cuisines of the two countries.

“That is a pilot version of the gastronomic tour. We have chosen bloggers for the maximum popularization, each of them has more than 100 thousand subscribers. The Italian cuisine has similarities with our one, that includes dough and meat. They are also big gourmets. We have chosen Monica and Velentina among other 300 foreign bloggers of Italy. Monica works as a editor for a famous magazine of Jamie Oliver about culinary. Valentina hosts a reality show and is a food-blogger,” Tashmanov said.

According to him, the aim of the tour is to give an opportunity to foreigners to taste not only the Kazakh cuisine, but also cuisines of various nations that live in Kazakhstan.

“About your country I had learned at EXPO-2015 in Milan, where I saw the pavilion of Kazakhstan. I liked it. This is my first visit to Kazakhstan. We have cooked a pizza with kazy, it tasted quite unusual for us. We also liked baursak and chak-chak. I think that due to this tour we will learn more about the culture of other counties and will visit different cities,” Monica Papagna said.

In Astana, the bloggers will visit the “Vinograd” restaurant, where they will be trained to cook Laghman (food). They will also appraise the cuisine of Qazaq Gourmet and Wyndham Garden. In the fourth day, they will leave for Uzbekistan.

It is planned that in the sixth day the bloggers will visit more than 12 master classes on culinary conducted by chefs from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Photosession with their participation in national costumes will also be held.