IT-school for disabled persons and Smart parking places - Astana youth realize innovation ideas

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16 July, 2018, 17:18 232
IT-school for disabled persons and Smart parking places - Astana youth realize innovation ideas

40 teams were engaged  into the competition Urban environment: Smart city to generate the most useful ideas for city. 

The 11 finalists of the competition will get an opportunity to realize their projects in one of Astana districts, correspondent informed.

Urban environment: Smart city competition is the second stage of Astana Innovations Challenge. More than 150 applications were submitted for the competition. Participants were divided into 40 teams to overcome urbanistic, innovative solutions for smart technologies, urban planning, solutions aimed at optimizing the urban environment, green environmental technologies.

Sredalab won the Grand Prix for their idea of winter green house. It should be noted the idea of the green house is a unique one due its function as a place where it is possible to grow products,  and conduct dialogue and communicate as well.

The first place was taken by a team from Nazarbayev University, they offered to use the parking space using the AirBnB technology, where you can rent your place through the mobile application. Rain Tech team is the second. They offered a comprehensive solution for storm sewage, taking second place. The idea of creating an IT-school for people with disabilities granted the third place.

In general, the finalists will be able to realize their ideas within the framework of the Smart District project, which is a living laboratory for innovative solutions.

In turn Vice President of the NAO "International Center for Green Technologies and Investment Promotion" Saltanat Rakhimbekova announced the event turned to be a great platform to generate and get really good ideas.

In addition, the organizers intend to use maximum of solar and wind energy due to a wind turbine in the Lovers' Park, solar collectors installed on the roofs of cottages at the Nazarbayev University.

Moreover, Saltanat Rakhimbekova pointed out the project which took the third position. IT School is a project for people with disabilities.

The total prize fund of the competition was 3 million 300 thousand tenge.