IT-University to appear in one of the EXPO pavilions

17 April, 2018, 09:27 532
IT-University to appear in one of the EXPO pavilions

In addition, such large-scale projects as the AIFC, Astana Hub and Centre of Green Technologies are being implemented on the territory of the EXPO.

Nursultan Nazarbayev approved an updated Concept of the post-exhibition use of EXPO-2017 facilities. It is aimed at the further effective use and development of the heritage of the International Exhibition EXPO-2017, correspondent reports.

At the press tour organized for media representatives, Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "NC "Astana EXPO-2017" Vladimir Lyutov acquainted journalists with large-scale works on reconstruction of the exhibition facilities.

"The head of state set a specific task - not only to use the exhibition facilities efficiently and properly, but also to use the experience of EXPO-2017 in all spheres of the economy before the National Company Astana EXPO-2017," said Vladimir Lyutov.

According to the representatives of the company, the EXPO should become an innovative platform for IT-technologies, start-ups, as well as another powerful growth point for our young capital. Within the framework of the tasks set, such large-scale projects as the AIFC, Astana Hub, the Center of Green Technologies, and the IT-University project will be implemented on the territory of the EXPO.

The reconstruction of the pavilion C4.6 continues, where the Corporate Pavilion was located during the Exhibition. The total area before the reconstruction of the pavilion is 5 thousand square meters, after the reconstruction - 9.6 thousand square meters. In the pavilion it is planned to place the International Technological Park of IT-startups Astana Hub, which will include lecture halls, conference rooms, laboratories for developing virtual reality projects, as well as offices for partners and administration of Astana Hub.

Completion of the construction work is planned by July 1 of this year.

The Astana Hub project is one of the components of the state program Digital Kazakhstan. In the centre, interesting and unique startups will be created, which in the future will contribute to the implementation of digitalization.

Two other international pavilions will house IT-University and a modern Business Centre. The area of the two pavilions before reconstruction is 47.6 thousand square meters, after reconstruction - 72.3 thousand square meters.

The location and creation of IT-University on the basis of the EXPO is not accidental, since the university will be engaged in the preparation of highly qualified personnel for the digital economy of the country. The Business Centre focuses, first of all, on the goals and objectives of the AIFC. It will house representatives of major international organizations and financial institutions, as well as resident companies of the AIFC.

Works on reconstruction of pavilions C3 and C4 underway. During the exhibition, international pavilions were placed in them. In the next year, the International Financial Center “Astana” will be located in these buildings.

At the moment, the total useful area of ​​these two pavilions is 56.8 thousand square meters. After reconstruction, the area will increase to 82.0 thousand square meters.

Various structural subdivisions of the AIFC will be located in the block C3: administration, an international court, a committee, a stock exchange and others. And banks and educational institutions of the AIFC will be located in the block C4.

All buildings of the complex will be certified according to the method of ecological assessment of the efficiency of BREEAM buildings. That is a high-quality standard, based on aspects of life safety, environmental impact and comfort.

The reconstruction will be completed by the end of the present year.

On the initiative of the head of state, an International Centre of "Green" Technologies will be created in the pavilion of the “Zone of Best Practices”. A part of the exposition of the “Zone of Best Practices” will be retained within the framework of this center, and the other will be moved to the pavilion Nur Alem. Thus, the legacy of the EXPO will be preserved. The area before the reconstruction is 3115 square meters, after the reconstruction - 4.6 thousand square meters.

Work is underway to add new content to the pavilion Nur Alem, which is of great interest to residents and visitors of the capital.

"In addition to the reconstruction of the pavilions, we are actively working on the improvement and planting of the territory of the Exhibition area of 6 hectares, thus the park area on the side of the Independence stele will be expanded. The park zone will be located on the site of temporary structures - Cirque du Soleil, the Amphitheater, the Shell Pavilion," said Vladimir Lyutov.

Despite the large-scale construction works, all conditions will be created for a comfortable stay of guests in the territory of the EXPO on the Day of the Capital.

Along the pavilions, a boulevard with fountains with a fiery show, which was so fond of our visitors and tourists, will be opened. Cafes and restaurants will re-start their work, their owners are already preparing for the new season. There will be a unique children's playground, which is adapted for children with special needs.

Also, for the summer-autumn period, a rich cultural and entertainment program is planned. The open stage for concerts will be launched again. Guests will have pleasant surprises and meetings with their favorite stars.