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Julia Roberts’s brother to act in the ‘Rukhani zhangyru’ project

15 February, 15:25 317
Julia Roberts’s brother to act in the ‘Rukhani zhangyru’ project

In East Kazakhstan region, they began filming a documentary for National Geographic and the BBC.

The stars of the world cinema began shooting a film about East Kazakhstan. The Hollywood company Castle film and the Kazakhstan film company are engaged in the project. Shooting will take place in the sacral and historical and cultural places of the region, the information center of East Kazakhstan region informs. It is noted that the film will consist of four parts: a tourist cluster, an industrial East Kazakhstan, as well as the topic of ecology and the closure of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site.

"The whole world is now interested in Kazakhstan. The positive image is created by holding large-scale exhibitions and festivals. We work to attract tourists to Kazakhstan, because the nomadic way of life is interesting for studying," says producer Arman Asenov.

The actors will tell about the charms and beautiful places of our region, get acquainted with the life and history of the people. Thus, the project will be held under the "Rukhani zhangyru" program, with the aim to show the diversity and originality of Kazakh culture. Filming will take place in two seasons: in winter and in summer.

"In the summer, the nature of East Kazakhstan reveals itself in a new way, these are other tourist routes and distinctive beauty," notes Arman Asenov.

According to the Kazakh producer, another starry landing will land on the eastern land in the summer. Perhaps, among them Adrien Brody will be. The film is planned to be released by the end of 2018. The broadcast will take place on such world TV channels as National Geographic and the BBC.

The Hollywood stars have already visited the ski resort "Nurtau" in Ust-Kamenogorsk. According to Bai Ling, she got up on skis for the third time in her life. However, it turned out to be a good ride.

"Whenever I come to Kazakhstan, the sun always comes out, it's warm, all people here are like me, all the Chinese," laughs Bai Ling, "Here I first tried such a wonderful, healthy drink - komis, but it tastes bad. But, I think I get used to it with time."

After active rest, Governor of the region Danial Akhmetov conducted an excursion to the ethnographic and historical museum of local lore for the delegation of the actors. The guests got acquainted with the symbolic meaning of the yurt and its main components, as well as nature, archeology, and the history of ancient East Kazakhstan.

"It's amazing how modest people in Kazakhstan are with respect to such a rich culture and history, despite the fact that the people were nomadic, such crafts developed, special kinds of metallurgy in the early centuries," Mark Dacascos shared his impression.

Foreigners noted that they highly respect the President of the Republic, Nursultan Nazarbayev.

"The President of Kazakhstan has adopted one of the most important decisions - nuclear disarmament, for me this event marked firstly that he wants peace: he thinks not only about the present, but also about the future of his people. The President, with plans for 50 years forward," says Cary Tagawa.

For 3 days, world-class actors will visit Lake Markakol, Ridder, in the cave of Konyr-aulie, the Memorial Complex of Zhidebay. As the producer of the project Arman Asenov notes, in the future it is planned to tell about the whole Kazakhstan.