Just like in Hollywood: New symbol of Kazakhstan’s resort

19 July, 2018, 10:24 383
Just like in Hollywood: New symbol of Kazakhstan’s resort

Inscription "BURABAY" is installed in the most luxurious resort of the country located in Shchuchinsk, Akmola region.

Coruscated BURABAY inscription by analogy with the famous commemorative "HOLLYWOOD" sign on the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, was opened last night.

The locals cat very eyes at the process of installation of the inscription at a mountain in Shchuchinsk city of Burabay area, BNews.kz reports.

"We continue to promote Burabay resort area. Coruscated BURABAY inscription is one more place to make selfie,” head of regional department of tourism management Daniayar Idiyatov posted on his Instagram.

Letters, indeed, like the famous inscription in California, shine at night. It is known that the structure consists of metal, the letters are 14 by 7 meters in size.

The social networks debate actively the installation. Naturally, three is two sides of one coin, somebody is proud of the new picturesque decoration of the resort, and some people are disturbed by huge energy consumption.

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