Kairat FC member disqualified for unauthorized leave

25 July, 2018, 14:47 196
Kairat FC member disqualified for unauthorized leave

 The Football Club believed that Bakhtiyar Akmal's common sense would prevail, but the agent's promises were more important to him.

Bakhtiyar Akmal was disqualified and fined for unauthorized leaving the team, according to the decision of the dispute settlement chamber, the press service of FC informed.

"On July 24, the Dispute Resolution Chamber decided to disqualify player Bakhtiyar Akmal and imposed a fine on him. At the end of June this year, the player of the Kairat team Bakhtiyarov Akmal, having an active contract with the club, yielding to the persuasion of an agent left the club's location. Being aware of such actions will lead to a prolonged disqualification and, possibly, can put an end to the career of the player, FC "Kairat" has taken all possible measures to return him. Moreover, hoping that common sense in Akmal will prevail, the club denied all information about the incident. However, everything turned out to be in vain - the agent's promises proved to be more important for him, " the message says.

FC "Kairat" regrets what happened to his player, but will continue to take all measures provided by law to protect their rights and interests.