Kazakh Agriculture Ministry about agro-industrial complex's project office

24 October, 2018, 17:50 598
Kazakh Agriculture Ministry about agro-industrial complex's project office

Many programmes to develop livestock and crop production are being implemented in the project office, Arman Yevniyev says.  

The 'Astana Agro Forum-2018' agroindustrial forum has started its work in Astana, BNews.kz correspondent reports. 

At the panel session 'Long-term programmes of the agro-industrial complex: sectorial programmes in livestock and crop production', first Vice Minister of Agriculture Arman Yevniyev told about the project office within the national programme for the development of the agro-industrial complex. 

Photo credit: Baurzhan Zhuassbayev 

According to Arman Yevniyev, there are 40 programmes for development in the agro-industrial complex sector that include hundreds of thousands of projects. 

"We believe that each farmer is a project. To fulfil a task, to run a farm, we have created a project office, which is an open platform where they can gather up too late evenings, there are certain people that are responsible for certain programmes. Accordingly, there are coordinators, people that provide necessary information. Heated debates are underway, as well as new tools are worked out. For instance, the office worked out the product we call a 'model meat family farm' following the meat programme - an annual interest rate of 4% with a grace period for  15 years and 30 months. This product was created not at once, it was nervous, there were many disputes, discussions... But finally this support programme was adopted, worked out and registered. Today each region of our state, any person who wishes to engage in livestock production, can address to the Fund of Financial Support or the Agro Credit Company and will receive full access to this programme. Thus, we work on each direction - milk, aquaculture, and so on," said the first Vice Minister. 

Photo credit: Baurzhan Zhuassbayev

Also, the speaker noted the necessity to develop agriculture in villages. 

"We should make every possible thing to develop rural areas so as cadre, youth wish to work in villages. I would like to note that within the Address, the head of state initiated a new special project within the programme of the Modernization of Public Conscience 'Aul el besigi' (A village is the nation's cradle). This is possible that we could change the attitude of the public to the villages, to the rural worker," said Arman Yevniyev. 

Today, the capital has given a start to the 'KazAgro/KazFarm' international agricultural exhibition, where more than 300 companies from 32 states take part. 

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