Kazakh Assem Yessengeldiyeva wins Miss Asia Global title

12 November, 2018, 10:25 857
Kazakh Assem Yessengeldiyeva wins Miss Asia Global title

Miss Asia is one of the most prestigious international contests and a unique beauty event. 


Assem Yessengeldiyeva, the winner of the 2018 Miss Asia Global Kazakhstan regional contest, won the Miss Asia Global title at the 2018 Miss Asia prestigious contest, BNews.kz reports referring to a press service of a modeling agency Velada.  

The contest took place in the city of Koch, India, between 2 and 10 November. This is her first victory in such an international contest.   

This year representatives of 25 states participated in the Miss Asia contest. 

It is one of the prestigious contests and a unique beauty event held since 1968, serving as a bridge between Asia and Europe. The event aims to show that the beauty and grace language is common around the world, to demonstrate the community of the continent, to jointly fight against pollution around the world, to preserve the planet for future generations. 

The participants competed over a week full of fascinating events, contests, official visits, a fashion show, and demonstrations. 

The winner of the Miss Asia Global title was also presented a cash certificate and decided to donate a certain amount to local children needing in emergency surgeries. 

Assem is a third-year student at Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages in Almaty. She has a huge experience in modeling, a distinctive appearance with a height of 177 cm. She is part of the Velada international modeling agency. In different years, she took part in a district and regional contest called Barinen de sen. She is the winner of many titles, including the 2015 Ile District Miss title, as well as a finalist of the 2016 Almaty Miss contest. 

2017 KAUIR&WL Miss, 2017 Parasat Miss, 2017 Top-Model Miss. 

She won the 2018 CIS First Vice Miss title at the CIS Miss international beauty contest, where 16 countries took part.   

Assem admitted that she dreamed to be part of Victoria's Secret making every effort. 

She is interested in archery, singing, and reads a lot, as well as takes part in many events and creative projects. 

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