Kazakh deputies showed interest toward the Czech experience in regulating innovations

16 March, 2018, 10:57 533
Kazakh deputies showed interest toward the Czech experience in regulating innovations

The sides expressed the interest to continue practices of regular parliamentary meetings at the level of subject committees.

Majilis Chairman Nurlan Nigmatulin at his official visit to the Czech Republic held talks with the heads of the Chambers of the Czech Parliament, the press service of the Majilis of Parliament reports.  

At the meeting with Chairman of the Chamber of deputies Radek Vondracek, the Majilis Speaker congratulated his Czech counterpart on the celebrating this year 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Chamber and underlined the importance of an interparliamentary dialogue with the aim to deepen a long-term partnership between Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic  

As Nurlan Nigmatulin noted, the development of bilateral and mutual beneficial relations with the Czech Republic is one of the priority directions of the foreign policy of Kazakhstan in Central and East Europe.

According to the Majilis Speaker, the main event was the inclusion of Kazakhstan into the list of the 12 priority trade partners of Czech. Car building, agriculture, technologies and innovations are among the perspective directions. The currency of the directions, as was underlined by Nigmatulin, increases in the connection to the implementation of the tasks of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, including the widespread introduction of advanced digital technologies. At the same time, the Chairman of Majilis noted a practical interest of the Kazakh parliamentarians to a special Law, adopted in Czech, that regulates and supports research and innovations.

At the meeting, Nigmatulin and Vondracek expressed the interest to continue the practice of regular parliamentary meetings at the level of subject committees, that work to support the economy, social policy and education.

Also, according to the Majilis Chairman, the International centre for developing green technologies and investment projects, the International technopark of IT-start-ups established on the base of EXPO-2017 could be a platform for strengthening and diversifying the Kazakh-Czech interaction.

The interlocutors exchanged views on the issues of the international agenda.

Nurlan Nigmatulin emphasized on the initiatives of Kazakhstan and President Nursultan Nazarbayev, particularly in the nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. The Majilis Speaker, after expressing gratitude to Czech for promoting common interests in the UN, expressed the intention of our state to strengthen and further interact in bilateral and multilateral formats by coordinating efforts in various international bodies, mutual support of initiatives and positions.  

In turn, Radek Vondracek highly appraised the work of our state in the UN Security Council, and underlined the interest of Kazakhstan and Czech to keep stability and security.

The topic of deepening of cooperation in the interests of the people of the two states was continued at the meeting of Nurlan Nigmatulin with Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of Czech Milan Stech.

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