Kazakh Education Ministry - this year's average UNT result makes up 83

07 August, 2018, 12:48 229
Kazakh Education Ministry - this year's average UNT result makes up 83

This year, the unified national testing (UNT) has been passed by 98 thousand students. 


The results of the national testing and entrance examination were voiced by Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Yerlan Sagadiyev, BNews.kz correspondent reports. 

This year the unified national testing has been held for the 15th time. From 2004, 1 million 775 thousand students have taken part in the testing, that is 80% of the total number. 

"The final exam is held in schools. The unified national testing became an entrance exam to enter a university. This year, the sign Altyn belgi has been verified by more than 6800 students. In order to improve the procedures to pass the testing, this year's students have faced the following novelties: each student was given an information sheet in addition to a UNT certificate. It includes the list of specialties, the number of the grants allocated in each specialty. All necessary information is provided to each student. It will allow the student to make the right decision when opting for a specialty taking into account the result of the test. Secondly, the graduates who do not pass the test under certain reasons have an opportunity to pass the test in the next flow, or in terms of the complex testing," said Yerlan Sagadiyev during the session of the Government.  

Following the Ministry, 75% of students have passed the UNT in Kazakh, and 25% - in Russia. 

"Accordingly, by the decision of the Commission, 75% of grants were allocated for studing in Kazakh. 98 thousand students have taken part in the UNT. Following the result, the average result is 83. In the last year, such an indication was 80.5. 84 thousand students have passed the threshold level, they account for 85% of the total number of students. Also, 51 students with special needs have taken part in the UNT," said the Minister. 

Yerlan Sagadiyev mentioned that the highest score of 140 was taken by student of the school in Almaty Shiara Kudaibergenova. Also, 30 thousand test questions have been applied, and 243 appeals have been received, of which, 101 were approved.