Kazakh Head of State tasks to support viable enterprises alone

12 December, 2018, 10:38 520
Kazakh Head of State tasks to support viable enterprises alone

The state has granted KZT500 billion to espouse the manufacturing industry. 

At the telebridge, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev outlined the manufacturing industry and the non-raw materials sector will be continuously backed up. To this end, KZT500 billion has already been allocated. Meanwhile, it is only viable enterprises introducing new technologies and innovations that should seek state funds. 

"Support will be given in return for unequivocal obligations to achieve results by enterprises. In case there are results, then they will be financed," said Nazarbayev.  

The Head of State also underlined that labor productivity will rise by 1.7 times, and exports - by 2.3 times, by 2025. 

"These indicators should be summed up each year, as well as each quarter should be monitored, to know what sectors have improved labor productivity. It is important. Otherwise, we will fall behind, income will not rise, as well as the economy," said the President. 

Earlier the President said that 1250 enterprises had been built, as well as over 300 thousand workplaces had been created, over the years of industrialization.  

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