Kazakh Labor Ministry works on new way of employment

10 August, 2018, 11:02 313
Kazakh Labor Ministry works on new way of employment

HR Outsourcing will make it possible to employ citizens through lots.

In frames of Digitalization Day, Vice Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population Nariman Mukashev told about projects of the authority and voiced out an initiative to interact with IT market, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

According to Mukashev, Digitalization Day represents authority’s plans of digitalization of the social and labor sphere for the near future.

As an example, the vice minister mentioned electronic labor exchange (ELE), the launch of which was held this year. To date, more than 58,000 employers and 225,000 job seekers have benefited from ELE services. 203 thousand people were employed through ELE.

The data of those people who search job is digitalized, turned out into online mode. Using a single format of information concerning vacancies, resume, labor exchanges will contribute the state in peoples’ employment.

One of ELE’s new trends is HR outsourcing. The vice minister added the employment of citizens will be carried out with the help of lots.

A certain lot for the employment of citizens will be available on enbek.kz. thus the lot will include a number of citizens who need to find a job, with the level of qualifications described and the sum which will be paid by the state in case of the permanent employment.

The algorithm of sampling citizens from the total number of lots is in the process of development. This project is planned to be launched in October this year.

The ministry of labor and social protection will be responsible for those persons who were registered in the official employment center but failed to get a job.

“Currently ELE base include around 50 thousand vacancies and about 35 thousand resumes. It should be noted more than 210 thousand citizens found the job through ELE since the beginning of the year. All those who apply for employment in employment centers or through the portals enbek.kz and egov.kz, will be employed, one way or another,” Mukashev added.

Among other things, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the people of the Republic of Kazakhstan plans to create a social card in order to optimize the process of payment of benefits. Charges of money payments, pensions and subsidies will be applied to the account tied to the card.

For persons with disabilities, the pilot project Face ID has been launched, aimed at transporting technical rehabilitation equipment. At delivery and transfer of the goods, there is a face identification on technology Face ID. This allows you to reduce the response time for the execution of the application and the delivery of goods, monitor the timing of implementation.