Kazakh Minister of Culture participated in filming TV-show for USA in Almaty

30 November, 2018, 14:55 399
Kazakh Minister of Culture participated in filming TV-show for USA in Almaty

Filming of the show for the USA in Kazakhstan has completed successfully, which once again demonstrates the professionalism level of Kazakh filmmakers, the Minister said.  


The American film crew arrived in the city of Almaty to film the famous TV show in the USA and Europe. Kazakh Culture and Sports Minister Arystanbek Mukhamediuly shared on Facebook, Bnews.kz reports. 

Arystanbek Mukhamediuly noted that the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan carried out a large work to develop a law on cinematography. In the past year, during the visit of President Nursultan Nazarbayev to the USA, joint meetings with leaders of Hollywood's major studios were held. 

"I am glad to inform that these days a US film crew of 80 people have arrived in Almaty, and our city turned into a big filming site where work on the famous TV show in the USA and Europe was carried out," shared the Minister. 

Credit: Facebook.com/Arystanbek Mukhamediuly 

The guests were met by representatives of Aimanov Kazakhfilm studio. The name and date of the programme are kept in secret, and it was informed that the filming has been finished successfully.  

"Because of objective reasons, we cannot announce the name of the programme. But very soon it will be announced, and you will know on what channel to watch it. The filming has been carried out successfully in Kazakhstan, and it once again demonstrates that the professionalism level of the local filmmakers: producers and technical staff will be one of the main elements on which our long-term and successful partnership with foreign film and TV companies will be based. I am certain that this work will commence the attraction of foreign investment in Kazakhstan's film industry, as well as will open new possibilities to develop such sector as tourism. I am sure that once the programme is aired, the interest in Kazakhstan will increase," said Mukhamediuly.   

Following the footage, the Kazakh Minister also participated in filming the TV show for the USA. 

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