Kazakh ‘Mozart’ performed in Italy

14 January, 2019, 13:07 365
Kazakh ‘Mozart’ performed in Italy

Rakhat-Bi Abdyssagin has performed the sonatas of Sergei Prokofiev. 

Winner of the 100 new persons of Kazakhstan project Rakhat-Bi Abdyssagin performed in a concert in Padua (Italy) organized by "Amici della Musica di Padova", Padua’s ancient and prestigious concert association, BNews.kz reports.

A concert of students at Padua’s Conservatory was devoted to Russian and Soviet composer, pianist, conductor Sergei Prokofiev.  

During two evenings, nine Ph.D. pianists, including Kazakh Rakhat-Bi Abdyssagin, performed the sonatas of the prominent composer.

Padua is sacral for pianists as an inventor of a modern piano Bartolomeo Cristofori was born there, making the city a cradle of pianism, which is also famous for the University of Padua, one of the oldest universities in Europe, established in 1222, where Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo Galilei made their ground-braking discoveries. 

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