Kazakh national team to go to Japan to coach itself before 2020 Olympics

25 July, 2018, 11:57 235
Kazakh national team to go to Japan to coach itself before 2020 Olympics

The trainings of the national team of Kazakhstan will be held in Kurume, Japan.

The National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Kazakhstan has signed a memorandum on the training of the national Olympic team in Japan before 2020 Tokyo Olympic games, BNews.kz correspondent reported with a reference to the NOC press service.

On July 24, in the city of Kurume, in the Japanese prefecture of Fukuoka,

The memorandum of cooperation between Kazakhstani NOC and the Japanese side in the preparation of the country's Olympic team before the Olympic Games in Tokyo in the 2020 year was signed July 24 in Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan.

Director of the Sports Directorate of the National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan Yelsiyar Kanagatov and the Governor of Fukuoka Hiroshi Ogawa and the mayor of the city Tsutomu Okubo signed the agreement allowing  domestic athletes not only to conduct a qualitative preparatory process before the main launches of the four-year period but also pass acclimatization just before the Olympics, which is the most important stage in the training of athletes.

The agreement was reached two years before the start of the Summer Olympic Games in Japan.

It should be noted, a new multifunctional sports complex meeting all international standards was opened in June in Kurume. This complex is equipped with all the necessary machines to train in all game sports, gymnastics, table tennis, all kinds of martial arts, as well as track and field athletics and canoeing. It is interesting to note the Japanese side is ready to provide unpaid training of the Kazakhstani sportsmen in the year of the Olympics.

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