Kazakh painters' best pictures to enter anthology of fine art

26 October, 2018, 17:42 376
Kazakh painters' best pictures to enter anthology of fine art

Aida Balayeva told about the continuation of the work to hold exposition projects of Kazakhstan's museums abroad. 


Aida Balayeva, the Head of the Internal POlicy of the Administration of the President of Kazakhstan, told how the domestic fine arts is promoted during the National session of the working group within the 'Rukhani zhangyru' programme, BNews.kz correspondent reports.  

Aida Balayeva mentioned that the National Museum had launched the 'Focus Kazakhstan' project within which young and talented painters of Kazakhstan received the possibility to demonstrate their works in modern galleries of Great Britain. 

"The work to implement foreign exposition projects of the National Museum of Kazakhstan, The A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts continues. Visiting exhibitions 'Procession of the Golden Man around World Museums', 'Nomads of Eurasia', 'At the crossroads of Asian and Europe' were held in the leading sites of the USA, Britain, China, Belarus, Azerbaijan," said Balayeva at the session. 

At the same time, according to Aida Balayeva, a huge work is underway to attract the foreign audience to Kazakhstan. In particular, Astana held the first international biennale 'Astana art show' that will be an annual site of modern art for domestic painters. 

"In addition, in order to form an anthology of Kazakhstan fine art, the Ministry of Culture and Sports selected the best works created over the years of independence following by popular vote," she said. 

More than 162 thousand people from 50 states took part in the vote on the special website. It proves not only some assurance of objective assessment to works of art but also the scale of the project. 

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