Kazakh PM instructs government agencies to attract private investors in a more effective way

23 October, 2018, 13:24 905
Kazakh PM instructs government agencies to attract private investors in a more effective way

To this end, all conditions are formed in Kazakhstan, according to the Kazakh Prime Minister. 

Kazakh PM Bakytzhan Sagintayev has placed attention of officials to the attraction of private investment during the governmental session, he also pointed out the low effectiveness in this sphere, BNews.kz correspondent reports. 

"We have created all conditions for working with investors - specialised Deputy Governors were assigned, as well as each region has representatives of 'Kazakh Invest'. All of them were appointed following the instruction of the head of state, there are investors service centres in each region, as well as investment-headquarters were established. So, the regions have all conditions for effective work to attract investors. That's why all Governors should strengthen the coordination of interaction," said PM Bakytzhan Sagintayev addressing to officials. 

The PM drew attention to the fact that the indications on the attraction private investment in Shymkent are reduced. 

"The increase in public subsidies could not be invoked. If we sit and say such a way, then we will wait for support from the budget. Works to attract private investments is not underway, all is done to receive money from the budget. So, I ask to pay special attention to it," said Sagintayev. 

Also, the PM notes that it is necessary to pay attention to what country invests more. 

"It is necessary to consider KPI in the sphere of investment attraction. From where, and from what country, investment has been attracted. IN general, we provide support to everyone, but only one embassy works. Others express interest, but do not work," he said. 

In addition, Bakytzhan Sagintayev instructed the First Deputy Prime Minister to conduct an analysis of all business forums organized in Kazakhstan. 

"We conclude many multi-million dollar memorandums in each sector, which is very good. But it is necessary to show results, what percentage of memorandums are being implemented. And if they are not being realised, then the reason should be revealed," said the Kazakh PM. 

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