Kazakh President shared the politician’s secret to happiness

19 February, 2018, 09:26 328
Kazakh President shared the politician’s secret to happiness

Also, the President shared the way he keeps fit and about the hobby.

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev at the interview to the Chinese channel CCTV told about the politician’s secret to happiness, IIA Kazinform reports.

The Chinese reporter asked the President about his hobby and about the way he keeps fit. “There are simple answers: I do exercises, run, started doing sport from the young age and keep doing it, it became a hobby. However, the politician’s main happiness is to arrive at work, to do anything with the plan, to propose it. And the politician, who managed to achieve it, is a happy one. Once he has achieved it, it will inspire him. They say: “Once you have found a job that fits you, you will never work.” It is the same as if someone working with enthusiasm, who loves his job, who makes great achievements, he gets aspiration, strength and energy,” Nazarbayev said.

According to him, the politician needs to be always ahead, to make a dream and expectations of the nation a reality, then he will always be young. Meetings with children, grandchildren have a great significance, although there is no much time. But, it is also significant, the head of state noted. “All people see the external activity of the President. We travel and hold meetings. That is part of the work. The main work is a physical and emotional burden, it is to think each day over the next task to make the country better, to make the country more respectful, to make the life of the people easier. Such thoughts never leave, they inspire to continue working. That is the same as an art. They say that the people of art live long and in a good mood. The same works with us,” says Nazarbayev.

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