Kazakh swimmer strikes 'gold' at Asian Paralympics

12 October, 2018, 09:46 1361
Kazakh swimmer strikes 'gold' at Asian Paralympics

Kazakhstan's national team is in the 13th place following the overall number of medals won at the Asian Paralympic Games taking place in Indonesia. 


The athlete from Kazakhstan has brought the fifth 'gold' for Kazakhstan at 2018 Asian Paralympics, BNews.kz reports referring to Vesti.kz.

Kazakh swimmer Dmitry Lee wins a gold medal by showing a result of 4 minutes and 29.17 seconds for the 400-meter distance freestyle swim. Athletes from Iran (4 minutes and 41.23 seconds) and India (4 minutes and 41.45 seconds) were second and third consequently.  

It has been the fifth time Dmitry Lee has won a medal at the Asian Paralympic Games, and this one is the first 'gold' for him. He has already had two 'silver' for the 100-meter freestyle swim and the 200-meter medley and two 'bronze' for the 100-meter butterfly and 50-meter freestyle.  

Kazakhstan's national team has won total 28 medals so far at the 2018 Asian Paralympic Games, including 5 gold, 12 silver, and 11 bronze medals, and takes the 13th place in the medals table. 

91 athletes in 10 sports, such as table tennis, judo, swimming, shooting, weightlifting, archery, chess, athletics, and sitting volleyball, represent Kazakhstan at these Asian Paralympics, which is a record number for the country. 

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